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For the past 7+ years we’ve had one or multiple developers working together with the team at Leica Geosystems on their smart display development. In this new, beautiful video our partners at Leica Geosystems explain why they continue to stick with us after all these years.

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Why Viking Software?

As a development company we have three goals:

  1. Writing the best code for our customers.
  2. Matching the skills of our talents with the needs of our customers.
  3. We bring in our experts – we transfer knowledge – we leave you as experts.

The need for developers is gradually growing much larger than the number of skilled developers available. Avoid long hiring processes and the risk of hiring the wrong people by letting us match your project with a developer who knows exactly what they are doing and can take over on short notice.

About Viking Software

During 2014 the CEO and founder of Viking Software, Bo Thorsen, gathered a team of experienced software developers in Denmark to form a new company. This new company would bring together valuable experience and lead to the carefully selected team we have today.

We have offices in Denmark and Barcelona, we have a core team of developers, and a group of freelancers from all over the world. Our clients’ are Viking Software’s main priority. For each client project, we gather customised teams who are capable of solving each specific task.