About us

High level development for high level companies

Viking Software is a one-stop consultancy company for all software development needs. We have an inclusive list of services we offer, but will always design a tailor-made solution for the specific project we are hired for.

Our customers come from all types of industries with varying degrees of inhouse capabilities. From spacecraft to formatting software, we do not limit ourselves to any industry or any software project. 

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The history of Viking Software

Following many years working as a developer himself as either employee or freelancer, Bo Thorsen decided to begin his own software development company in 2014, with a focus on Qt and C++. Along with his wife Kristina Thorsen the dynamic duo began gathering a team of highly educated and experienced software developers for this new company.  

Today, Viking Software has offices in Denmark and Barcelona. The development team sits in both offices, and we have a group of freelancers across Europe. 

Our development team has worked on a broad spectrum of projects ranging from small, single-purpose applications, to user interfaces for the maritime industry. Then in 2020, the Viking Software management team recognised that we had been requested to work on non-Qt & C++ based projects. These projects were just as successful, so our team skills were being broadened as was our catalogue of services. So during 2021, the Viking brand changed from being strictly Qt developers to an all-inclusive software development consultant.

How we stand out

We try to position us as a company in between recruitment companies and outsourcing companies:

  • On one hand our developers act as independent contractors when they work with a customer, where Viking Software only interfere when the customer ask for extra resources or when taking care of administrative details.
  • On the other hand our developers are a loyal team of handpicked software engineers, some who have been with us for many years, who by all accounts work as Viking employees.

In effect that means our clients experience both the flexibility of contractors and the comfort of a managing company to ensure loyalty and a high level of skill.

Our customers say

"We are very dependant on the work the developers from Viking Software perform for us. But it is also important to us that we can up- or downscale when needed, which is why Viking Software will remain our IT service provider for the foreseeable future."

Søren Aarhus


"It creates a strong partnership knowing that Viking Software can enter a project with short notice. And they always deliver highly competent, qualified, holistic and elaborated work."

Martin Mallan

Vice president

"Viking Software impressed us with their excellent technical knowledge and ability to make things work while contiuously refactoring/improving code."

Maxime Perrotin

Software Engineer

"Viking Software came with valuable resources and know-how from other projects from other industries and hereby added things we didn’t think of. The solution was a 98% match of our need for technique combined with a sense of humor. "

Rick Davies


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