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Viking Software is a Danish company led by Bo Thorsen with offices in Denmark and Barcelona. The development team is made of core developers in the offices, and a group of freelancers from all over the world. Each developer has different strengths to offer, but all are gifted Qt and C++ developers and have a passion for delivering great code. All of us have the full set of Qt certifications. Our general focus is on Qt related services, and we use those to mainly implement applications on embedded Linux and desktop Windows/Mac. We always create a team specifically tailored to suit your needs instead of using the same developers for everything. Our team will either work integrated with your own developers, or you will work with a single contact here who will manage our team.

“It’s our intention to keep offering the immense C++ and Qt skills of our developers to customers all over the world. We hope your company will be the next we can help deliver great software to.”

– CEO Bo Thorsen