What makes Viking Software a good place to work - and why should you work for us?

At Viking Software we value our employees and want to ensure our developers feel like part of the team.
As a developer at Viking Software, we offer you a job where:

We don’t believe in micromanagement! 

Our management team is here to support you and we trust our employees to deliver their best work. 

Our team chat is active every day and allows you to ask your colleagues for help, get technical advice, or share casual conversations with your co-workers. It is also where we share corporate or personal news and in general, maintain a healthy work environment. Once a year, the whole team has a meet-up, where we work together and do fun activities to promote team spirit.

Viking Software is a consultant company, where our customers hire us to help with software development for their projects. Therefore, we have many different projects with very different project lengths. When working with us, we will put you on a project that matches your skills and personality to make sure both you and the customer get the best experience.

Viking Software offers:

  • A remote job
  • full-time position
  •  Access to our group chat, where you can get technical advice and interact with skilled and experienced developers
  • Management and support from our Management team in Denmark
  • Different and exciting projects from several European companies
  • An annual company-paid trip to participate in a get-together with the entire team
  • Additional traveling can occur – sometimes the clients want you to be introduced to their team on site and will require you to travel a couple of times a year

If this sounds interesting to you, please apply right here

Viking Development team - September 2022

Who are you:

  • You have a relevant education (preferably Master’s degree in Computer Science)
  • 5+ years of experience working professionally with Qt
  • Excellent communicator in both written and verbal English, as you will interact directly with clients
  • You are a competent and responsible developer

If you are a skilled software developer who fits this description, please apply right here