Job at Viking Software

What makes Viking Software a good place to work and why should you work for us? 

At Viking Software we want to offer a good work envi value competence, responsibility, and a good work environment. That means:

Viking Software prides itself on offering a work environment and being a good place to be. We want to create a work environment with 

No micromanagement! We believe that leadership is more of a support function, and that we need to trust our employees just like we ask them to trust us. 

The team chat is active every day, with developers asking for and helping with technical advice, sharing corporate or personal news, and casual conversations. Even though our colleagues are spread out all over Europe, we gather the whole team physically at least once a year to work together and have fun.

Depending on the orders we get in, you can be on a short assignment for a small company, a year-long contract with a market leader, or something in between. It’s crucial to us that you are not bored, so we will do whatever we can to make sure your worklife is as exciting as you want it to be.

Working at Viking Software

– remote job

– full time

If you are a skilled software developer who wants a career in an ambitious, growing company, be sure to apply right here