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Viking Software’s Commitments

We strive to deliver powerful Qt solutions as well as embedded technology to our clients. Determined to deliver great solutions we can be proud of, we believe in first of all – An excellent handcraft.

By ensuring skills and know-how, we recruit people with the exact expertise required when working with software. Our method of employment therefore is not limited by geographical borders, but extends to an international workforce.

We value professionalism and reliability, which commands a certain amount of transparency. In an iterative process, we offer you easy access to the progress, in order to create allegiance. This collaborative approach is consistent and with a continuous dialogue.  Viking Software is dedicated to the idea of equality, and therefore aim at the characterization of being a pleasant collaborator.

The voice of our client’s customers is equally a fundamental consideration, as we develope attractive software solutions. To fulfill this vision, we use innovation to simplify software, making the outcome more manageable for the consumers.

We offer our expertise and guidance and ensure you and your company a chance of a unique collaboration, where flexibility and meeting clients’ expectations are highly valued.

Our Story

In 2014 the current CEO and founder of Viking Software, Bo Thorsen, decided to gather a team of experienced software developers in Denmark. After years of working with Qt, this new company would symbolize valuable experience leading to our specifically selected team.

With our offices in Denmark and Barcelona, we consist of core developers and a group of freelancers from all over the world. Our clients’ projects are Viking Software’s main priority, reflected in our method of procedure.

Through our given projects, we gather customized teams, considered capable of solving the specific tasks, offering a dedicated workforce. Every employee in Viking Software is considered unique as they all strive for better and continuously challenge each other.

Our team members are all qualified Qt and C++ developers, with Qt certifications. Additionally, Viking Software’s primary source of tasks is within the Qt services, where employees use their strengths to implement applications on embedded Linux and desktop Windows/Mac.

Moving focused and always forward, Viking Software seeks to contribute to a better software development.

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