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QML tool tips

Implementation of a simple tool tip component in QML.

Poker and Code

If none of the four standard positioners (Column, Row, Flow, Grid) work for you, you can write your own.

Ctrl Enter

A simple and clean solution to using a QAction and set a keyboard shortcut to handle Ctrl + Return in text edits.

When debugging XML code, you often wonder about the contents of a subtree. To view the contents of a subtree, you can use this simple function.

C++ Templates

The object orientation guys have pretty much won the battle. So much, that when something doesn’t fit in a neat OO inheritance tree, it can’t be done.

Sourcecode tree

One of the questions I often get from companies that hire me to help them in their first project with Qt, is how to structure the source tree.

Canonical Locale

Sometimes you need a fixed locale.


For many years, I have used a small class called ShootABug. This is used to debug parts of the user interface of Qt applications.

Scripting Advice

Scripting is a great tool in many applications. This blog is about some of the generic issues involved in adding scripting to your application.