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Customer stories

Adelbert Haas

Developing and improving the Qt application for optimizing grinder machine processes.


Using Qt to develop a flight planning software tool for QuadSAT’s drone-based solutions.

The European Space Agency - ESA

ESA needed a system of tools for code generation that would help unify their different software tools.


An illuminated indicator display series (XDi) developed as a modern graphical user-interface

Leica Geosystems

Since 2014 we have assisted Leica Geosystems with the Qt software in their 3D displays.


A Qt mini-application project illustrating a Bezier curve as an important feature to the software program Miramo.


Vertustech came to us with a specific intial task: Fix all issues in the Qt user interface code on their photo editing program FluidMask.


Developing graphics and styling, the client-server communication and a state machine setup and software architecture for web application.

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