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Qt application to optimize grinder machine processes.
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About Adelbert Haas

Aldelbert Haas is a German manufacturing company specializing in the production of grinding machines. With nearly 90 years of experience, Aldelbert Haas is an established player in the industrial machine marketplace, and their technologies have even had an impact on the aviation and medical sectors. 

Although many of the machines Aldelbert Haas developed in the 1950s are still on the market, more than half of Aldelbert Haas’ product line has been developed in the past few years. Being on track with this fast pace, Aldelbert Haas decided to seek external assistance for development of software, to enhance their capabilities and accelerate their automation processes.

The premise

Aldelbert Haas recognized the need for an efficient application to manage the automated production process of their Multigrind® machines. They aimed to streamline their operations, reduce manual labor, and optimize productivity. To achieve this, they partnered with our company, leveraging our expertise in software development.

Multigrind® machines and automation

Multigrind® machines have long been a staple in various industries, and Adelbert Haas aimed to revolutionize the sector by incorporating advanced automation. Traditionally, these grinder machines were manually operated, requiring constant oversight and intervention. By developing an application in Qt called Multimation, Adelbert Haas sought to create a seamless interface for managing their automated production processes. 

This transition from manual operation to automated control not only improves efficiency but also reduces the need for constant human intervention, allowing for smoother and more continuous production.

Adelbert Haas Multigrind

The rows and rows of huge machinery were a sight to be seen! Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited about the code we've written, but the complex, high-tech hardware is really what I have loved about working with Adelbert Haas.


The small development team at Adelbert Haas had already begun the work on Multimation when we met them. Multimation as an app was already in use, but the team had begun some substantial improvements. They specifically needed help with the more complex parts of Qt coding, which is one of our specialties.

Haas Screen

The purpose of the The Multimation app is to enable operators to efficiently plan and execute tasks, minimizing human intervention and maximizing machine efficiency. The app is set up to have a number of recipes for grinding products, from which an operator can choose to order, and send to the grinder which will then produce the parts in the recipe.

The GUI has been designed to be very fluid, using a grid-based layout to visually represent the parts to be grinded, as is depicted in the screenshot. Then all the operator needs to do is put on the raw parts and pick up the finished parts, and Multimation handles the grinding process.

The Project

Although most of the work is done at distance, it has been fundamental in our partnership that I have been able to meet the Adelbert Haas team in person. It made all communication between the team and I during the project much smoother.

One of our main strengths is finding the right developer for the projects we are given, even if that developer isn’t employed by us when we get the order. That’s why our CEO and Qt expert Bo Thorsen took on the project in the beginning and gave it all the hours he had to spare, while we searched for the right person for the job.

Half a year into the project we found that developer in Austria-based Andrei, who was a perfect match in skills and personality.

With Andrei’s talent for Qt and GUI, he impressed the Haas team repeatedly with his quick and solid coding, and his eye for design.

At some point, our team was given a task that had top priority. Our developer took on the task and finished it the very same day, pleasantly surprising the team at Adelbert Haas.

When our developer asked about it the next day, the team lead at Adelbert Haas told him it had already been presented to their customer, who was very satisfied. The level of trust needed for such a short deployment time is something we always strive for.

Andrei is fast at working into the things and solves the issues straight forward. Also from the personal side, I really like working together with him. He’s always asking and get’s the answers he needs. I have been quite happy to have him on our team!

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