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Fluidan, established in 2014, specializes in rheology control, which is the practice of regulating the flow and deformation characteristics of materials. Their innovative RheoStream® sensor, a key product, optimizes the production of thick liquids like paints and lotions by providing real-time rheology monitoring. This technology has revolutionized material handling, enhancing efficiency and minimizing waste.

Originating from extensive research in microfluidics, Fluidan focuses on the challenges of liquid flow, aiming to set industry standards for automated thick liquid manufacturing. RheoStream®’s 2018 CE compliance marked a significant milestone, expanding the company’s reach into Paint/Coatings, Household Care, and Personal Care sectors.

Based in DTU Science Park, Copenhagen, Fluidan is funded by private, semi-public investors and Danish grants, underlining its commitment to pioneering in rheology control technologies.

The premise

The collaboration between Fluidan and our software development team was initiated to address a critical need for enhancing operational efficiency, security and data management capabilities of Fluidan’s rheology machines. Fluidan sought to empower their technicians with a cutting-edge service application that would enable seamless interaction with the machines, facilitating real-time data exchange, remote diagnostics, and streamlined machine programming in a secure setting.


Fluidan’s main product line RheoStream is a series of sophisticated rheometer machines that measures viscosity and rheological properties of non-Newtonian liquids in real-time during the manufacturing process. Positioned directly in the production line, it automatically samples the liquid, providing immediate feedback on its rheological state to operators. This system supersedes traditional methods by delivering precise, real-time data, enabling operators to adjust processes swiftly, such as modifying liquid properties by adding thickeners or solvents. Through RheoStream, operators can ensure consistent product quality, optimizing both production efficiency and consumer satisfaction.


The team at Fluidan had really big ambitions for this project, and it was an exciting challenge to live up to them. I am proud of the interface we have made for them, and think we made some really great solutions for their needs!

Fluidan Software Screen

The software

In response to Fluidan’s requirements, our team developed a sophisticated single-page application (SPA) that serves as a comprehensive service tool for technicians. This tailormade software solution facilitates a direct connection to Fluidan’s rheology machines, enabling the operators to comfortably execute programs, monitor machine status, and access critical data whenever they need to. The frontend of the application features a login function, activity logs, and an extensive list of commandos for the machines that the Fluidan developers have pre-defined, including a unique “ad hoc” function in which the developers can write and send specified commandos to the machines.

Our backend team had to take into account that the RheoStream machines generates a wealth of real-time data, more than a hundred thousand measurements per hour per machine. We have therefore added an efficient and scalable system to process these high-output data streams. The data is saved securely for later analysis, as well as displayed on an easily accessible live view in the user inteface.

The rheology machines produce a lot of data, and we had to find a way to capture all of it. We ended up giving them capacity to capture way more data than needed, but in this case more really is more and the software is now sustainable for more advanced machines in the future.

The Project

The project kicked off with a series of strategic meetings in Copenhagen, where Fluidan’s vision for a next-generation service tool was outlined. These discussions laid the foundation for a project that would not only address the immediate needs of Fluidan’s technicians but also anticipate future requirements.

The development process was iterative, with continuous feedback loops between Fluidan and our team. This approach allowed for real-time adjustments and enhancements, ensuring the final product truly reflected Fluidan’s needs and exceeded their expectations. Challenges were met with innovative solutions, such as the development of a dynamic user interface that allowed for on-the-fly customization and updates by Fluidan’s team. 

The project culminated with delevering the code directly, so the Fluidan team could implement it themselves according to their wishes.


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