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About Parking Solvision

Parking Solvision is a Danish company that develops and produces dynamic parking solutions with easy to implement software. The parking meters are designed to be flexible and can be customised to control the desired tasks in a car park – whether the customer controls their parking lot, or administer car parks as a service provider.

The premise

On this project, we deployed several of our service skills:

  • We developed a Web portal for remote access to data and control of the parking meters
  • We improved the cyber security of the database
  • And we worked on the Embedded software and User interface for the parking meters.

The initial task requested by Parking Solvision was rather straightforward though – they wanted us to look through their existing software, and analyse where Parking Solvision could improve the user experience and the information security. Since we have many years of experience working with security issues and possibilities in software, our team was able to learn the system to propose the next steps and present a plan. The resulting list of opportunities for improvement of the software was so comprehensive, Parking Solvision decided that Viking Software would be best placed to continue and implement the improvements as a contractor.

Parking meter

Viking Software spent a long time on understanding our needs and what was necessary for our business to grow to a higher level. They have acted as both developer, partner and mentor, which is exactly what we needed.

Kurt Lysemose, CEO of Parking Solvision

Web development of a secure, online database

One of the main functions of the parking meter is to receive card info from a user. Then this information is transferred to an online database protected by a firewall and subsequentially used for the transaction. This process of handling extremely valuable information is naturally very sensitive to cyber-attacks.

Our top priority for the project was to make sure the database was secure during the development. And when we delivered the finished web portal, it was both secure and easy to maintain for both Parking Solvision and their customers.

4 phases of software development

In the first phase, we wanted to improve the user experience of Parking Solvisions web portal. To do that, we took the web portal they already had in place and significantly improved the interface. Then we expanded it to include statistical data, user management, and remote control of parking meters. 

When the first phase was finished to satisfaction in June 2021, we began work on a new operative system for the parking meters. The goal is to enable online control, so the customers can update the parking meters remotely instead of manually updating every single machine. The security would be improved throughout.

It has been very satisfying to partner up with a company with so much ambition and potential. It was new to us to work in phases, and it allowed us to really be thorough in our development work.

Bo Thorsen, CEO of Viking Software

Phase 0 – Analysis of existing software and proposal for improvements

Phase 1 – New web portal for better security and online access of machines

Phase 2 – Updated security as well as a new operating system and UI on meters

Phase 3 – More web based solutions for user control

Phase 4 – Tying up loose ends and delivering the complete new system

During phase 3 we expect we will expand on the online control with web-based solutions for control of parking spots and rates. Moving on to phase 4, we will improve their database and user interface, and end the project by completing the cleanup of the remaining software. On completion Parking Solvision will have a completely new, high-level system, which improves user experience and cybersecurity.

When we're through all 4 phases, we will be able to document our operational reliability and ensure the flexibility, our customers demand. And we will be able to lift the commercial sales to a higher, international level.