Improving Qt user interface code on photo editing program
Customers benefits
Expert knowledge

A Qt tool for picture editing

We worked with the British company VertusTech for more than a year. We started working with them on FluidMask, which is a product for cutting out parts of pictures. It can run as a standalone application or as a Photoshop plugin on Mac and Windows.

Vertustech came to us with a specific task: Fix all issues in the Qt user interface code and prepare the application for release. The problem they had was that they were experts in image handling, but didn’t have a lot of experience with Qt-based coding. So we helped them with expert knowledge on all the hard issues they had. And in the end, they had a great application for their customers.

Vertustech Fluidmask

Impressive results

Vertustech was so impressed with the work we did for them, that they asked us to take their technology and produce two other related applications from scratch. Those we implemented completely, using a library with their image algorithms.

This is a great example of a customer that has specific domain knowledge and only need help to implement the parts of the application that were more Qt related. The combination of their intimate image knowledge and our Qt application knowledge was a perfect match.

An all-in-one unit solution.

Significant reduction of inventories.

Pre-release work.

Preparing tool for market.