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We explain how to set up a simple home icecc build farm to increase personal productivity, reaching up to 40% faster builds.

We work with the two simplest functions in the Qsettings class, and use QMetaEnum and some C++ 17 features to work around a common issue.

A beginner's introduction to coroutines, the most revolutionary feature at the language level since C++ 11, using the library QCoro.

Sometimes you want your files in different Git repositories. This is not only possible, it’s surprisingly easy if you follow this guide.

The the description and code behind a tool that helps generating the gradient C++ code out of a raster image.

I have a small mobile app that I work on from time to time. It is OSS and using Qt.

Especially in larger SW projects, consistency is a very important factor. And one main area of consistency is the code style.

Creating custom widget is not a hard problem, but there are a few things you should consider. Here I present a simple list of what you should at least consider doing

An example of pixel based painting.