¡Hola Barcelona!

Barcelona Office

We've opened an office in Barcelona

To accomodate our growing number of developers living in Barcelona, we’ve recently opened an office with work space for them to sit together whenever they need or want to.

You might remember that we had a Catalonian office before, and we’re so pleased that we have a reason to reopen it (albeit at another location that better suits the developers using it). The developers are already enjoying having a place to meet, stating “it’s just great to have a place to go to, to switch modes and avoid too many distractions”. Even if some of them don’t use it that often, they enjoy having a place to go to meet up and socialise.

Our directors went to check out the new premises last week, and celebrated with a bottle of hard to procure sweet cava and a locally made Danish “dream cake”. The Barcelonian developers always enjoy the directors’ visit, to get updates about the company in person and feel more involved with the company. And a reason to have cake and cava is also always welcome.

It’s exciting to have grown large enough to have an international office. Maybe in the future we’ll have more offices around Europe 🌍🤞