ESA Hires Viking Software

The contract with European Space Agency has landed

Viking Software has been hired by The European Space Agency (ESA) to create a new software tool. This specific tool will help other software development companies write software for satellites and missions.

ESA has created a large set of tools written in many different languages and using many different frameworks. These countless possibilities are impossible to maintain and expand. The task at hand is therefore to create the first steps towards a unification of all these tools into a single cohesive application that is maintainable and usable.

ESA has chosen Viking Software to write the first parts by performing the initial steps and creating the architecture and design of the system. And as Viking Software CEO Bo Thorsen explains,

For me personally it’s a boy’s dream coming true to develop software for the space industry. For our company it’s a milestone to reach a collaboration with ESA.”


We aimed high and now it is time to get ready to fly!