Meet our newest Qt developer: Andrei

New Developer Andrei

With the high global demand for talented developers, we’re lucky enough to yet again have grown our team with the lovely, Austria-based Qt-developer Andrei.

Although only 30 years old he already has 10+ years of experience with Qt and C++ development. Andrei was therefore a perfect fit for a new project we started in the beginning of 2023 with a client based in Germany. The project concerns, among other things, a lot of knowledge sharing, and with a background as both lecturer and lead engineer, Andrei has taken the project on with lots of confidence and skill, to the client’s satisfaction.

Andrei is born Russian but moved to Austria to work shortly after graduation, where he has lived with his family the past 8 years. Aside from giving him German language skills, which is much needed for the new project, he lives close by one of our longest employed developers, who is happy to finally have a local colleague.

Andrei will be working full time with the project from our German client for the foreseeable future.