Meet our newest team member: Georgi!

Georgi Header

We’re so happy to announce the expansion of our team with an awesome Qt expert! 

Georgi started at Viking Software in January 2021 as a project based freelancer, where he helped us with various tasks in Qt. The more we worked with him, though, the more we began to appreciate his high skill level, work ethics and positive energy. We have therefore decided to offer him a full time employment, which he luckily accepted.

Georgi recieved his master’s degree in Computer Software Engineering from The Technical University of Varna in 2012, and has since worked in Qt at a couple of other companies. With a passion for software, and especially Qt, he has worked on a lot of different project, both professionally and in his free time, such as a GUI tool written in Qt for testing and managing industrial hardware, firmware for shutter cameras, and much more.

We’re excited to get such a talented, enthusiastic software engineer on our team, and have already given him part of the responsibility of one of our longest ongoing projects. He is therefore, unfortunately, not available for any new projects right now.