Get a Qt developer on your project!

How it works

Do you need a Qt developer?

When you are a customer with us, you will have one or more of our certified Qt expert developers assigned to your project. They will be your primary contact, and they will keep the project on track.

Whether you need a quick analysis of your system, or you need a team of developers to take over the project entirely, we can help you quickly move forward!

Qt Developer
"We know all of the central parts of Qt inside out. All of our Qt developers have 10+ years working with Qt, so you can trust that your project will be safe in our capable hands.”
Bo Thorsen

Is your project small?

Get a skilled, experienced and hardworking Qt developer on your team without the hassle of recruitment. A simple contract, easy set-up and a developer who knows what he’s doing, means you can finish your project on schdule and within budget.

Is your project LARGE?

We can scale the number of Qt developers on the project up or down as it suits you. You can also get one of our project managers on the project, so you have someone to handle the management of the developers for you.

Qt projects we worked on

QuadSAT Logo


Developing software for QuadSAT's drone-based solutions

Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems

Assisting with the build and maintenance of Leica Geosystem's 3D displays in Qt.

Poken logo


An illuminated indicator display series (XDi) developed as a modern graphical user-interface



Improving Qt user interface code on photo editing program

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