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What goes on behind the scenes

In backend development we prioritise security, scalability, accuracy, redundancy and performance in your system.

Backend Development

What is backend development?

Applications, whether they are web, mobile, desktop or embedded, are generally compromised of two parts: a frontend and a backend. Where frontend development means shaping the interface and user experience of the application, the backend is all the software that serves as the brains of the application. That means whenever the user interacts with the application, the backend has code that executes the request (application programming), works as a source of data that can process the request (database), and is a storage facility to house everything (server). Summed up, in any application that needs to be able to do more than show a static image, backend development is essential.

The tasks of a backend developer include writing APIs, creating libraries, writing code to interact with a database, working on business processes and data architecture, and much more. It all depends on the type of application and what the owner wants it to do.

The Viking Software way

You might come to us with a fully functioning backend system that needs a boost from our backend experts, or you might come with only an idea of a piece of software where you need us to build all of the backend system to support the software. Either way, we are ready to analyse your project and work with you to create the best possible solution for you. 

When we have decided what you need, we will assign one or more developers to the project, depending on the size – don’t worry, you will only have to communicate with the project owner.

Our developers work with a multitude of tools and techniques for backend development such as:

  • Qt
  • Python
  • Java
  • Go
  • Ruby
  • C#
  • .NET
  • Qt Creator

We work in several programming languages and our developers have a track record for understanding new projects quickly – even if it is not in their preferred programming language. At the end of your project, you will have a great code base for expanding upon for years to come. We will help guide you to the right path from the beginning.

Past backend development projects



Developing and visualizing a new illuminated indicator display series (XDi) for DEIF.

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