Desktop Applications – draft

Completing any task on a PC

If you have a prototype, sketch or even just an idea for a desktop application, our developers can help you build it.

Desktop Applications

Definition of a desktop application

Desktop applications are software programs that can run on a standalone computer to perform one or more specific tasks by an end-user. It should not be mistaken for a web-based application that needs a web browser (which ironically is a desktop application) to run, or a mobile application that runs on a smartphone. While web applications have overtaken most of the app market, desktop applications remain a critical element for most companies. In our experience the end users actually tend to prefer working with the application in a standard Windows or Mac environment.

Desktop applications that we have made are, among other things: An image editorA platform for unifying tools; and A document composition package. They are created in one of many different code languages, such as C++, Python and C, depending on operating system, objectives and the customer’s preference.

The Viking Software way

Companies come to us with a vision or a goal. The job of our developers is to help define and refine those visions and reach those goals. Using their years of experience and a deep understanding of all aspects in software development, they write the code independently while keeping your updated along the way. And at the end of the project, you will have a great piece of software to either sell directly to your customers, or use internally in your company. 

Not all of our projects are like this. In some instances, the company has a team of developers, and we work with them and help create the software together. This approach will transfer knowledge to your team, and they can support the software long after we are gone.

Our developers work with a multitude of code languages and tools to develop desktop applications, such as:

  • C++
  • Python
  • C#
  • C
  • QML
  • Qt
  • VisualStudio
  • Git
  • SQL
  • Docker
  • CMake
  • Clang
  • GCC
  • OpenGL

Depending on your preference and your needs, all our developers assigned to the project can work independently or directly as team members alongside your development team. This is a great way to work together as it also allows us to train your developers in the best practice of developing desktop applications if it is a transfer of skills you are seeking. 

Some past desktop application development projects

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