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Desktop apps are underrated yet highly versatile. With expertise in various formats, from photo editing to data processing, we provide tailored solutions that maximize efficiency and usability.

Our experienced developers specialize in the Qt framework, known for its sleek and polished desktop applications. With their expertise, we deliver reliable and customized development services, enhancing functionalities and user experiences.

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A desktop application is a software program that runs locally on a user’s computer or laptop, offering offline capabilities and direct access to system resources.

Desktop applications typically provide rich functionality and user interfaces, offering seamless integration with the operating system. They can operate independently, without requiring a browser or an internet connection.

What can you do with a dekstop app?

Create sophisticated interfaces
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Desktop apps offer greater flexibility in designing and implementing advanced user interfaces. They provide a canvas for creating visually appealing, feature-rich interfaces with complex interactions, high-quality graphics, and smooth animations. This level of customization allows for an immersive user experience that can be optimized for specific tasks or industries.
Enable your team to work offline
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With a desktop app, you empower your team to work even without an internet connection. They can access and manipulate data, perform tasks, and collaborate efficiently, regardless of their online status.
Leverage local resources and enhanced capabilities
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A desktop app harnesses the full potential of local resources, including the file system, hardware devices, and third-party integrations. It allows for direct access to the system's resources, enabling efficient data processing, complex computations, and integration with specialized devices. 
Ensure advanced security and privacy
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Desktop apps offer enhanced security measures and better control over sensitive data. By operating within a local environment, they minimize exposure to external threats and provide increased protection against unauthorized access. This heightened security helps businesses comply with strict privacy regulations and safeguards confidential information.
Integrate with existing systems
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Desktop apps excel at integrating with existing local systems, software, and databases. They can easily communicate with other applications, utilize established frameworks, and leverage legacy systems. 

Tools and code languages for desktop apps

Working with Desktop Apps: The Viking Software way

At Viking Software, our project process consists of several key phases that ensure a successful collaboration with our clients.

Apps Meeting

We initiate the project by engaging in detailed discussions, finalizing project details, and involving the management team and developers as needed.

The project is handed over to our development team for brainstorming and ideation. We collaborate with the client to refine project ideas, with the flexibility to revisit and adjust if necessary.

App Development

We closely connect the development and testing phases, following an agile process to develop and test agreed-upon features. Continuous communication with the client allows for feedback and adjustments.

Apps Handoff

Based on the agreements made during the start-up phase, we proceed with the deployment and hand-off process. Then we ensure a smooth transition and delivery of the completed project.

Some of our desktop app development projects

Fluidan logo


Web application for control of rheology machines

Haas Logo

Adelbert Haas

Qt application to optimize grinder machine processes.

QuadSAT Logo


Developing software for QuadSAT's drone-based solutions



Improving Qt user interface code on photo editing program

Miramo Logo


A Qt mini-application project

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