The mind in your machine

Whether you need bespoke embedded solutions or more out of the box alternatives, we can provide you with the solution you seek.

Embedded computer

What is embedded software?

Embedded software defines any system created and built into a device that isn’t a traditional computer. You will find it in anything from a simple calculator to heavy machinery, and the level of complexity varies as much.

An embedded system consists of three elements: The hardware, the embedded operating system and the software. In other words, the body (hardware), the brain (the OS) and the consciousness (software). 

The development team here at Viking Software are experts at taking an ‘empty body’ and giving it the most brilliant mind to do the specific tasks it needs to complete to have the highest performance.

The Viking Software way

We have an excellent reputation when it comes to demands for stable and manageable embedded software solutions. We have an experienced team with start to finish capabilities: build, connection and management. Our development teams skills include real-time embedded development, auto code and algorithm development.

Embedded software development needs a good understanding of the operating system and the software constructs available. Whether you need bespoke solutions or more out of the box alternatives, we can provide you with the solution you seek.

Our developers work with a multitude of tools and techniques for embedded software such as:

  • Qt / Qt Creator
  • Linux / Yocto
  • Docker
  • Valgrind
  • JSON based API servers
  • Performance optimizations
  • Driver code
  • Web UI
  • Multithreading
  • C / C++ / Rust / C# / Go
  • OpenGL ES
  • CAN bus

We work in several programming languages and our developers have a track record for understanding new projects quickly – even if it is not in their preferred programming language. At the end of your project, you will have a great code base for expanding upon for years to come. We will help guide you to the right path from the beginning.

Past embedded development projects



Developing and visualizing a new illuminated indicator display series (XDi) for DEIF.

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