We have a long list of embedded Linux applications behind us. Linux is the preferred OS for most of our developers and they have spent years creating great software on it. For powerful embedded applications, nothing beats Linux and Qt.

Our approach on embedded Linux is actually the mostly the same as when we create Qt based software on all other systems. The implementation methods are the same. Our focus on producing great software that is both efficient and ready for years of improvements is the same. And the techniques for helping you realize your vision are the same.

The main visible difference is that the user interaction is radically different from using a mouse on a screen. A mouse is a precision tool, our fingers are big and clumsy. We have multiple fingers but only one mouse pointer. We usually don’t have a keyboard. All this means we have a constant focus on creating the user interface in a way that works on your specific device for your target customers.

Another set of differences are on the operating system level, where our developers can help you with the image itself – whether you use a custom system, or yocto based or something else. We understand the restrictions that the hardware platform can place on the application and how to get the most out of it.

Many embedded application also has connections to external sensors. We have a lot of experience integrating those into Qt based applications in the most effective way. Hardware based development is always done in our offices in Denmark or Barcelona to keep your devices safe.

During the development phase, we will always provide snapshots of the progress for installation on the hardware. But we will also create snapshots for installing on Windows based computers. This is very helpful for most customers because they can easily test the application.

We have implemented many different kinds of embedded Linux applications. Some examples:
  • Ship bridge controls replacing hardware compass etc.
  • Industrial robot control for Siemens
  • Multimedia playback devices
  • Machine control

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