Qt is our main choice of development platform. Bo Thorsen started coding Qt on Linux all the way back in 1997. All of our developers are of course certified Qt Specialists, and we hope they will create a much tougher certification level for us true Qt experts.

When you are a customer with us, you will be have one of our own Qt experts assigned to the project. He will be your main contact and keep the project on track. In smaller projects, he can implement the code himself. In the larger projects, he can use as many developers as necessary. But you will only have to deal with one person.

If you prefer it, all our developers assigned to the project work directly as team members with your own developers. This is a great way to work together that allows us to constantly train your developers in the best way to use Qt in your application.

Qt is the platform we specialize in. This means we will help you understand how to use Qt effectively in the code, in architecture and in design. At the end of our part of your project, you will have a great code base for expanding on in the years to come. We will help guide you to the right path from the beginning.

We know all of the central parts of Qt inside out. Our developers have a lot of experience with all of these Qt modules:
  • Networking
  • Painting
  • JSON
  • QML
  • Threading
  • The Event System
  • Qt Script
  • SQL
  • Build System
  • Custom Widgets
  • Phones and tablets
  • Internationalization and translation

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