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When it comes to web apps, the possibilities are endless. Our experienced web development team collaborates with clients to create tailored applications that meet their specific needs.

Our team of skilled frontend and backend developers leverage top programming languages like JavaScript, Python and React to deliver innovative web app solutions. By enhancing online capabilities and user experiences, we provide reliable and customized development services.

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What is a web application?

A web application (web app) is an application program that is stored on a remote server and delivered over the internet through a browser interface.

For a web app to operate, it needs a web server, application server and database. Web servers manage the requests that come from a client, while the application server completes the requested task. A database stores any necessary information.  

What can you do with a web app?

Have a web app as your product
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The market for web apps seems unlimited, as long as you have a good idea. Make a great app that users pay for, and you have a business!
Present your company or product
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Though web apps and websites are two different things, you could technically create a web app that plainly displays information, just like a website. It's easy to program, and could be created as a part of a larger development project.
Give your customers a tool for self service
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Give your customers a better experience by giving them a web app where they can troubleshoot or contact customer service, or take your business online with an online shop.
Access embedded systems
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Step away from the machine, and access your embedded systems online. A web app that is connected to an embedded system allows your users to change configurations, check statistics, begin and end programs, and troubleshoot your machine without having to actually touch it.
Remake something that exists to suit your needs
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Do you love a certain e-mail provider, social media or HR management system, but need some very specific functions? Just make your own web app!

The market for web apps seems unlimited, as long as you have a good idea. Make a great app that users pay for, and you have a business!

Tools and code languages for web apps

Working with Web Apps: The Viking Software way

At Viking Software, our project process consists of several key phases that ensure a successful collaboration with our clients.

Apps Meeting

We initiate the project by engaging in detailed discussions, finalizing project details, and involving the management team and developers as needed.

The project is handed over to our Web Team for brainstorming and ideation. We collaborate with the client to refine project ideas, with the flexibility to revisit and adjust if necessary.

We closely connect the development and testing phases, following an agile process to develop and test agreed-upon features. Continuous communication with the client allows for feedback and adjustments.

Based on the agreements made during the start-up phase, we proceed with the deployment and hand-off process. If needed we host the app for our clients, and then we ensure a smooth transition and delivery of the completed project.

Some of our web app development projects

Viking Software collaborated with Mayekawa, a global organization, to develop a sophisticated web application for their sales team. Our skilled web team worked closely with Mayekawa to create a user-friendly online tool tailored to their unique business needs. By utilizing modern technologies and effective communication, we delivered the project to the client, enabling Mayekawa to showcase their products effectively. Discover more inspiring customer stories on our Customer Stories page.
Sales Web App

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