We believe that desktop applications are still very important. For some applications, the natural usecase for your customers is to work on a standard Windows or Mac computer.

We have several customers that are not software development companies. They came to us with an idea for an application they would be able to sell to their customers.

Our job is to help you refine this vision, implement the application and keep supporting it for you in the coming years. We can take this from idea to installer together with you. And everything we create is of course your property.

You will have a single person here that will be your personal contact on the project. He or she will work with you to refine your idea into a coherent package for your users. Then we will start implementing it, and constantly giving you snapshots of the work, so you can see where we are with it and you can provide feedback. At the end of the project, you will have a great piece of software that you can sell directly to your customers.

Not all of our projects is like this, though. For some of them, the customer already has some developers. In this case, we work with them and help to create the software together. This also works well because your team will be educated on how to continue with the software after we are done.

We have implemented many different kinds of applications for Windows and Mac. Some examples:
  • Receptionist software
  • Remote file folders
  • Statistical information on online gaming
  • Controlling multimedia playback devices for an entire house
  • Video editing and file handling

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