Are you seeking full-time embedded software experts? Is it taking too much time to find the right fit for the role?

For years we have worked with organisations looking to outsource embedded projects, and we have a team who run the projects either entirely, or alongside your internal team. However, more and more frequently we are approached by department heads who cannot find the right fit for their permanent positions quickly enough.

We can help. We can provide experts to help get projects underway. Buying you and your HR department more time to find and onboard the best employees you can find.


– work can start almost immediately
– 30 days get-out clause
– no overheads such as holiday pay, sick days, etc
– more importantly: access to embedded experts with over 10 years experience in a corporate workspace

We are planning a short trip to Vienna, Austria during the next month – you can book a time to meet with us for a discussion on how we can help you right here: Booking page

If you have any questions you can contact Germaine Haggar Moltke-Leth by emailing: