Our services

Passionate about code!

We specialise in taking your software vision and bring it to life. With our developers’ certified high skill level and many years of coding experience, we work tirelessly to develop high-end software for your company. 

When you choose Viking Software as your software development consultant you are guaranteed a simple, transparent process where you communicate directly with the developer(s) on your project. Don’t want to be involved at all? You can also leave the management of the developers to our very capable project manager, and concentrate on what you do best, while we make your vision a reality.

Which services do you need?


When you need software for Word processing Graphics Simulation Databases Project management Productivity Anything

No matter what you need from your desktop application and in what programming language, we have the skills and the experience to make your visions come true. 


When you want to work online

We make user friendly web applications that allow you, your team or your entire organisation to access the data and management programs they need at all times.


When you want your machine to do more

Our development team are experts at taking an ‘empty body’ and giving it the most brilliant mind to do the specific tasks it needs to complete to have the highest performance.

Are you on the early stages of your software project?

We take your ideas and turn them into intelligent, intuitive software solutions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working on a screen, an application or an embedded computer. Our decades of collective experience means that we can consult and guide you towards the best solution for you, which we then can create for you or with you.

Are you far along in your project but need extra resources?

Our developers are ready to step in quickly, and take over where you need extra hands for as long as you need it. We only hire the best, most ambitious and most pleasant developers, so you can rely on your project being in good hands.