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The mind in your machine

Use embedded systems to gain complete control over your machines. Embedded systems provide the perfect platform to understand and interact with your devices.

Our skilled development team specializes in harnessing the potential of embedded systems, enabling you to optimize performance, enhance functionality, and achieve seamless integration between hardware and software. With our expertise, we transform your vision into reality, empowering your machines with intelligence and unlocking a world of possibilities.

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Embedded systems are any system created and built into a device that isn’t a traditional computer. You will find it in anything from a simple calculator to heavy machinery, and the level of complexity varies as much.

An embedded system consists of three elements: The hardware, the embedded operating system and the software. In other words, the body (hardware), the brain (the OS) and the consciousness (software).

What can you do with an embeddded system?

Create intelligent IoT devices
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Harness the power of embedded systems to develop smart IoT devices that smoothly connect physical objects to the digital world for data collection, analysis, and remote control.
Enable real-time monitoring and control
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Leverage embedded systems to achieve real-time monitoring and control capabilities, ensuring immediate response and efficient management of critical processes.
Automate tasks with intelligence
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Utilize the potential of embedded systems to build intelligent automation solutions, streamlining routine tasks and optimizing efficiency across various industries.
Achieve precise measurement and data acquisition
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Leverage the precision offered by embedded systems for accurate measurement and data acquisition, enabling applications in scientific research, healthcare monitoring, and manufacturing processes.
Design robust and secure applications
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With a focus on robustness and security, embedded systems provide a solid foundation for designing applications that prioritize data integrity and reliable operation.

Tools and code languages for embedded systems

Working with Embedded Systems: The Viking Software way

At Viking Software, our project process consists of several key phases that ensure a successful collaboration with our clients.

Embedded Meeting

We initiate the project by engaging in detailed discussions, finalizing project details, and involving the necessary team members. This phase allows us to gather requirements and gain a comprehensive understanding of the hardware components involved in developing the embedded software for the project.

The project is handed over to our development team for brainstorming and ideation. We collaborate with the client to refine project ideas, with the flexibility to revisit and adjust if necessary.

Embedded Dev

During the development and testing phases, we maintain close collaboration with our clients, following an agile process to develop and test the agreed-upon features. We also ensure on-site visits to the machine when necessary, allowing us to tailor the system to its specific requirements and make necessary adjustments based on real-world conditions.

Embedded Handoff

Based on the agreements made during the start-up phase, we proceed with the hand-off process, ensuring smooth transition and delivery of the completed project. Our dedicated team ensures that our clients receive a fully functional and installable product that perfectly integrates with their machine.

Some of our embedded system development projects

Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems

Assisting with the build and maintenance of Leica Geosystem's 3D displays in Qt.

Poken logo


Developing graphics and styling, the client-server communication and a state machine setup and software architecture for web application.



Developing and visualizing a new illuminated indicator display series (XDi) for DEIF.

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