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Qt remains a firm favourite when it comes to embedded development platforms. Bo Thorsen, our CEO, started coding Qt on Linux back in 1997. All our Qt Specialists are certified at the highest level, and passionate about always working hard to stay true Qt experts.

Qt is the platform we specialise in; this means that we will help you understand how to use Qt effectively for coding, architecture and design.

When you are a customer with us, you will have one of our Qt experts assigned to your project. They will be your primary contact, and they will keep the project on track. For smaller projects, the lead developer can implement the code himself. They will allocate as many developers as needed for larger projects, but you will still only have to deal with one person. Often our developers working on your project will work directly as team members with your developers, which is a great way to work together. Working this way means that we share best practice and knowledge with your developers, so they become experts in the best way to use Qt for your applications.